Oct 18, 2009

Peter Pan Birthday Party

The cake topper was made by Kharygoarts on Etsy and the Invitations were by CityofDionne on Etsy. I love them both. Lot of kids came dresses as Pirates, Tiger Lilly, and Fairies. My mom dressed up as "Nana" the dog from the movie and my dad was the Indian chief. Myself, my sister in law, and brother were dressed as Michael, John and Wendy.


  1. i am planning a peter pan party for my 3 yr old daughter- could you share how you made the boat and teepee? what a wonderful job you did! I am so impressed- thanks for sharing (i googled ideas for a PP party and found you!)


  2. I will write up some instructions tomorrow and post them here in the comments. They were pretty easy once we figured everything out.

  3. For the tee pee we used this blogs instructions except when you do the folds it isn't quite right, so we just figured it out, but this is a start. http://sewmamasew.com/blog2/?p=525

    The ship was a refrigerator box. The one we got had a lid. The lid we used to make the bow of the ship just by folding it and taping it to the front. We cut one long side of the box out for the open part of the ship. Besides cutting the holes and making some cuts to shape the top a little this was it, and paint. It was really easy and only took about an hour. It was supposed to have a mast, but the party was originally supposed to be outside but it got too cold.

  4. thanks so much for your help! You did a fantastic job!