Feb 23, 2010

Messy Messy

I Love This Picture!!
Tonight we painted with shaving cream and paint.  Very messy but he did it in the bath tub.  I taped paper up on the wall and let him go.  I did end up painting him at the end which he found hilarious and giggles hysterically.  Hey, it's easy clean up. 

Feb 6, 2010

So Excited

I have not had an actual hobby in forever, except planning my son's two birthday parties.  So I am going back to photography that I loved before.  This should also help me with my wall of frames.  I have recently purchased a Canon Rebel Xsi, a vintage Argus 75, and a Holga.  The latter two were extremely cheap the Rebel not, but I have wanted it forever now.  I am waiting for the delivery of all the camera's.  I recently found out about Holga's and then while researching those I found out about ttv. This is where you actually take a picture through the viewfinder of an old camera's viewfinder.  Hence the need for the Argus.  They have bigger viewfinders which make taking the photo's easier.  I can't wait for everything to get here.

Jan 30, 2010


Today is the big day.  I didn't want to get out of bed. I think I am getting sick and I am sore, but I said it was potty day so here we are.  We started about 8am.  We have a boy doll that is anatomically correct and pees in a potty, M&M's, stickers and a potty chart. I also bought lots of books:  Potty Time with Elmo, Everyone Poops, and another one who's name escapes me. The lady at BN asked me if I wanted Everyone Farts also, but I told her I thought we'd save that for another day. 

8:00am underwear on
8:20am peed in underwear while trying to weigh himself on the scale
9:00am  mommy on the computer and he must have tried to either get on the potty or was actually on   it and peed on the footstool.  Bad Mommy!!!  Let him take a bath.
9:45am While writing the last post he peed on the potty, but actually on the potty while standing up.  Wanted another bath.  Don't think so.
10:15am  HOORAY!!! We have pee pee in the potty.  We called Daddy and let him know.
11am - Lunch and nap time with a diaper.
3:30pm Woke up from long nap, Nana and Pops came over for a little bit.
5:45pm Peed all over the floor.  Shouldn't have let him watch Backyardigans
5:57pm Started looking worried, went for the potty.  Pooped in the potty!!!!!!

Downhill after this, we'll try again,,,,,